A downloadable game for Windows

The wonderful environment around you is blessed by an awe inspiring tree. The tree of life has chosen you as the primary defender to protect it from invading forces. Defend against alien driven robots equipped with advanced wood destroying technology. Each death will be seen by the tree and it will reward you with life acorns. Grab enough of these and be able to plant a tree turret to help you defend the tree of life! How long can you last?


Movement/Menu:Arrow Keys
Shoot:Space Bar
Special Attacks:Q and W Keys
Set Turrets/Select:Enter Key
Pause:Escape Key

Monarchy Game Design is a student run organization that is bringing the enjoyment of Game Development to the people of Old Dominion University.

Visit https://sites.wp.odu.edu/gamedevclub/games/#TreeOf... to learn more about the game and our club


Tree-Of-Life-v1.0.zip 99 MB