A downloadable game for Windows

Prince Cena has returned from a stroll in the woods only to find things have gone astray. His lovely wife, Mrs. White, has exclaimed the Evil Queen has stolen a dwarf and asks you to save him. Visit the wells in order to move to the next zone and fight your way around to save the dwarf. Be careful, there are several enemies, sand that sinks, and puzzle based platforms, that will get in your way and slow your quest down.

How to Play (PC)

Movement:WASD Keys or Arrow Keys
Attack:Left Mouse Button
Jump:Space Bar

How to Play (Xbox 360 Controller)

Movement:Left Stick
Attack:Right Bumper
Jump:Y Button

Monarchy Game Design is a student run organization that is bringing the enjoyment of Game Development to the people of Old Dominion University.

Visit https://sites.wp.odu.edu/gamedevclub/games/#TheWis... to learn more about the game and our club


TheWishingWell.zip 95 MB